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The Birth Story

October 18, 2010

Better late than never…

Friday, October 1st, Mr. B and I checked in on L&D at 6:00 am.  The nurse started my IV and drew labs.  At 8:00 am, Dr. OB arrived and broke my water.  Low dose Pitocin was started.  Fortunately for me, Dr. OB gave me the clearance to get the epidural ASAP, so the nurse pre-loaded my with fluids and called Anesthesia for the hook-up.  And can I tell you, the Anesthesiologist got there just in the nick of time because my contractions had gotten so strong that I was crying with each one of them.  I commend all of you out there who went the natural route, but not this girl.  I wanted my drugs!  After the epidural, the nurse re-checked me and I was 5cm.  Ten minutes later, I was 7cm.  I couldn’t believe how fast my labor was progressing, especially since I was a first-timer.  By 12:00 pm, I was 10 cm dilated and ready to push.  After a couple of pushes, the nurse said we needed the baby to come down a little further.  She sat me up in bed to help things out.  An hour later, we started pushing again.  Dr. OB showed up about halfway through.  I pushed for a full hour but Baby B couldn’t get passed my pelvic bone.  She was also facing upwards (sunny side up) which made it harder for her to be delivered.  Dr. OB gave me a break and said he would come back at 4:00 pm to try pushing again.  I pushed for another hour but Baby B couldn’t make her way through.  Dr. OB tried the vacuüm but was unsuccessful.  Dr. OB said he gave up and it was time to move to the OR for a C-section.  At that point, I was too tired to care or be scared about the surgery.  I wanted to meet my daughter!  So, at 5:44pm, Baby B was born via c-section.  She weighed 8# 3oz and measured 20 inches in length.  It was the most incredible experience ever.  Mr. B and I were in love with her from the moment we saw her!

Since I basically had a vaginal and c-section, my recovery has been really rough.  I was in alot of pain from swelling down below along with discomfort at  the incision site.  I apparently had the start of pre-eclampsia on Friday cause my BP was high throughout the labor and remained that way after delivery.  I also had extreme swelling of my face and legs after delivery too.  After 5 long days in the hospital, the three of us went home.  My first semi-decent day related to the pain and swelling was 6 days later.  My mom stayed with us because I still needed help caring for myself, nevermind caring for Baby B.  She and Mr. B made a great team taking care of the both of us.  They were both a God-send.  Mr. B has been incredible throughout the entire ordeal.  Because of my inability to care for Baby B in the first few days, he had to learn quickly.  After the first day in the hospital, he was an old pro with feedings and poopy diapers.  He still is an enormous help to me even today and loves Baby B with all of his heart.  Seeing him with her makes me love him even more than I thought possible.  Night time remains a challenge for all three of us but it’s seems to be getting better as each day passes.

Baby B had lots of swelling to her scalp because she couldn’t make it through my pelvis while I was pushing.  As a result, her poor little head took a beating.  She had really bad caput over the entire back part of her head along with a bruised neck and two scalp lacerations.  Her face was also really puffy after delivery too.  Because of the birth trauma, Baby B developed and elevated bilirubin level and needed phototherapy during our hospital stay.  Her levels weren’t low enough on the day of discharge so the Pediatrician sent us home with a bili-blanket.  Mr. B and my mom took her to the lab every morning for bilirubin levels and we finally got to discontinue the bili-blanket on that Friday.  By two weeks of age, Baby B’s head swelling completely resolved along with all of the swelling and bruising to her poor little face.  Besides all of that, she is a good baby.  She eats 3 ounces every 3-4 hours and sleeps well.

Needless to say, it’s been busy around here between my recovery and Baby B’s jaundice issues but we’re hanging in there.  Despite all of it, I still can’t believe this precious child is really mine and I am savoring every moment with her. 


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  1. November 3, 2010 3:45 pm

    wow, what a story! i was on pins and needles reading! you both made it and now you can enjoy! she’s an adorable lil bundle! love that last photo! haha. so cute!

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