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Trying Something New

August 31, 2010

Today, I had my weekly visit with Dr. OB.  All went well.  My weight, blood pressure, belly measurement and urine check were fine and Baby B’s heartbeat was strong and steady in the 150s.  The nurse hooked me up to the monitor and the NST was underway.  I guess I was only on the monitor for about 30 minutes or so and Baby B did great.  She had some heart rate accelerations and moved around a fair amount during the test…so, we passed.  The only issue remains that my fasting blood sugar numbers are higher than Dr. OB would like them to be.  I’ve really tried just about everything and there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to how the numbers go.  Ironically enough, I got my lowest fasting number this morning which was 85 (<90 is the goal).  Now, this number was after having the same bedtime snack at the same time and testing at the same time in the morning.  Why it decided to be lower this morning escapes me.  Anyways, Dr. OB decided to switch me to Metformin 500mg twice daily instead of the Glyburide 2.5mg once daily.  I hope it does the trick. 

My next appointment is Tuesday.  I’ll have an ultrasound to see how big Baby B is along with a NST.  I hope she’s not enormous.  I have to wait 7 days to find out.  I’m also assuming that based on what the ultrasound shows, induction dates will be discussed.  Dr. OB said he won’t let me go passed 39 weeks and I don’t think he’ll take Baby B any earlier than 38 weeks.  Now that this pregnancy seems to be wrapping up, I’ve reflected on the Best and Worst of Pregnancy.  Please understand that I am fortunate to even be in the position I am having been through the IVF process.  I know how lucky Mr. B and I are that we got pregnant on the first cycle.  My Best and Worst by no means is to imply that I’m ungrateful.  The list is simply my reflection on the last 8 1/2 months…

The Best Things About Pregnancy:

Seeing those two incredible lines on the HPT.

Seeing the heartbeat for the first time at 6 weeks on ultrasound.

Feeling Baby B move for the first time.

Finding out Baby B was a girl.

Seeing Baby B’s face for the first time on the 3D ultrasound.

Having an even closer bond with Mr. B than I ever could have imagined.  I know our bond will only get stronger once our little princess arrives.

Having perfect strangers be more considerate and thoughtful by opening doors or letting me cut in line : )

The Worst Things About Pregnancy:

Bleeding like a stuffed pig off and on for several weeks during the first trimester along with occasional bedrest.

Morning sickness all the live long day…and night.

Giving up Feta cheese, Diet Coke, cold cuts, steak cooked medium, licking the bowl after baking a cake and all of the other things you should avoid.

Frequent trips to the bathroom to pee all day and night…and infrequent trips to the bathroom because of constipation from HELL!

Pre-term contractions and early cervical exams.

Having those same perfect strangers ask you horribly inappropriate questions and molest you in public.

Hearing the constant comments about how big my belly is getting.

Cankles and massive hair growth in unusual places. 


Insomnia in the first and last trimesters.

Being super-huge and pregnant during the dog days of summer with average temperatures in the 100s…heat index 115.

Trouble breathing because Baby B’s favorite place to snuggle up is under my rib cage.

Even though the WORST has been pretty bad, the I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I’m grateful that I have been fortunate enough to experience pregnancy at all.  Look out parenthood…here we come!

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  1. November 29, 2010 6:20 pm

    See now all of these I had fair warning about…except the constipation. I had no idea what I was in store for!

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