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The Real Story

July 23, 2010

Apparently, my nurse was having a psychotic break when she spoke to me on the phone the other day.  She called me back yesterday to tell me my REAL numbers from the 3 hour glucose test.  Here they are:

Fasting blood sugar: 96 (<95)

1 hour blood sugar: 194 (<180)

2 hour blood sugar: 181 (<155)

3 hour blood sugar: 128 (<140)

So, it seems to me I really had trouble with the 1 and 2 hour draws but the other two were cool.  After hearing that news, I felt alot better.  Too bad I had already spent the better part of Tuesday crying about it.  Based on those numbers, I’m pretty confident I can handle this with some diet modifications.  I took matters in my own hands and scheduled an appointment with a dietician to review the gestational diabetic diet and some meal plan suggestions.  I had that appointment this morning.  It went really well.  She was very nice and did her best to explain how much of certain food groups I should eat and when I should eat them.  I’m glad I met with her…and I got some great hand-outs too.

The other thing that’s different today is a dull headache and some dizziness.  I’m thinking it’s because I’ve been monitoring my carbohydrate intake and I haven’t been eating as much as I should be eating.  I checked my blood pressure and it’s still normal.  I’m hoping tomorrow will be a better day once I get the hang of this.

And one last thing…a question, really.  Why is it that people completely lose their filter when speaking to me or pregnant women in general.  I’ll give you some examples.  I shared with a couple of people that I now have gestational diabetes.  By sharing that information, I got the horror stories of others who knew someone who was related to someone else’s sister that had GD.  Well don’t you know that they all gave birth to 10 pound baby beasts and ripped their lady bits in half.  Now let me ask you…is that supposed to provide me comfort or support?  Ummm…not so much.  I don’t need to hear crap like that.  I also don’t need to hear how swollen my ankles are from random people.  My office mate is obsessed with the state of my ankles and comments on them daily.  Keep in mind, I’ve shared office space with this woman for 2 weeks and spoke to her only a couple of times.   And then the office cleaning lady, whom I have never spoken to, proceeded to share with me that my ankles were swollen the other day.  Maybe it’s just me but I cannot fathom approaching a stranger and making a comment about their appearance, pregnant or not.  I even think twice before I tell someone they have food in their teeth for fear of upsetting them.  Gosh, don’t I wish others had the same hesitation.

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  1. Leslie permalink
    July 24, 2010 7:59 am

    I am glad that you were able to get the actual results of your test and it is quite as the nurse portrayed earlier. I hope that diet modifications will be able to control your sugar levels. I am glad your appt with a dietician went well and you were able to get some helpful information.

    Regarding the comments you receive, I just believe that people do not understand and do not think before they talk. It is unfortunate but I think that they have no clue on how insensitive they are being and think that they are actually helping. At work yesterday, a coworker made a comment about me carrying a watermelon around with me. He actually thought he was being funny! If I did not know him, I probably would have let it bother me but since I know him, I tried to let it roll off my shoulders.

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