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Yummy Glucola!

July 13, 2010

Today, I had my routine check up with Dr. OB.  All is well.  Baby B’s heartbeat was in the 140’s and my belly is measuring right on track.  I was dreading the walk to the scale…almost like I was on death row or something…walking the plank.  I feared the worst but it was just fine.  I only gained 3 pounds since my last visit!!!  So, as of week 28, I’ve gained 27 pounds.  I was hoping to have one of those 30 pound pregnancies but it looks like 40 pounds is where I’m headed if I’m lucky.  Not ideal but it could be worse.  Dr. OB and I also discussed my horrific constipation as of late.  I swear, its great pracice for natural childbirth.  Too bad I plan on being heavily drugged.  Anyways, he suggested that I “cleanse” with some gold ole Milk of Magnesia and start a daily helping of Miralax until delivery.  I was skeptical of both bit after checking with a few friends and another OB, it seems like its OK.  And to be honest, at this point, I’m willing to try just about anything.  It’s gotten that bad…really, really bad!  So far, the MOM worked it’s magic.  We’ll see if the magic continues.

I also had my 1 hour glucose test this morning.  I have to tell you, the Glucola drink wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be and it really got Baby B a movin’ and a shakin’.  I’m more afraid of the results than the drink.  I should know in a couple of days if I passed the test.  I sincerely hope I did because hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman without ice cream.  It won’t be so pleasant.

In other news, Mr. B and I have Infant CPR this Thursday and Newborn Care on Saturday.  After that, our higher baby education is complete.  Next on the agenda…packing the hospital bag.  Mr. B is pretty focused on this one.  He’s afraid I’ll run to him and say “It’s time” and he’ll run like hell to the hospital forgetting everything.  So, it looks like we’ll start a list of necessities and start the bag packing with things we don’t use on a regular basis.  I’d love ideas and suggestions on what to bring.  One of my questions is clothes for me.  Do you lounge in PJs all day?  Or do you bring day clothes and PJ’s?  I know it seems silly but I don’t have nice PJs.  I guess it’s time to go shopping.  Tell me what you think.

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  1. July 14, 2010 1:40 am

    I am sure your will pass your gestational diabetes test with no problems!! Glad all is looking great with your baby and that he is healthy and growing strong!! I am right there with you on the weight gain… my phylosophy at the minute is that it is what it is.. and as long as the baby is healthy that’s what counts!!
    I am interested to hear people’s suggestions on what to pack!! I have not started thinking about it yet but I think I should soon!

  2. nicole permalink
    July 14, 2010 9:16 am

    I actually liked the glucola, but I also like orange soda.

    What to bring…. The whole thing is surreal in my opinion and totally COOL. I had all these ideas of brining nice pj’s that opened in the front so I could breastfeed. blah blah. I bought them, brought them to the hospital and then NEVER touched them. Here’s why. Childbirth is messy. There is lots of blood after. The open, big gowns they give you are AWESOME. You can bleed all over them and not care. Plus you, yes you, end up wearing a diaper if you have a natural birth. PJ pants would have been too difficult to get on an off. And I would not want to ruin my stuff.

    I’m sure lots of others will have thier opinions but that was my experience. Oh yeah, bring maternity clothes to go home in. You will still be pretty big, although much smaller.

    GOod luck!

  3. nicole permalink
    July 14, 2010 9:17 am

    ps. I gained 43 lbs while pregnant, and lost 10 the day of the birth and 20 the next week! That was cool

  4. July 18, 2010 11:21 am

    I’m with Nicole on this one. You won’t have any interest in wearing anything other than the gown they provide you, and you certainly won’t want to wear pants! I packed all kinds of stuff, and barely used any of it. I would say the essentials are something to wear home (something loose and comfy!), a couple outfits for baby (you never know what will or won’t fit them), hair binders, toiletries, music, a camera, and perhaps your own pillow. Our hospital had pretty much everything else I needed or wanted during my stay!

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