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Saturday Night at L & D

June 7, 2010

Saturday night turned out to be a pretty eventful one.  Starting on Friday evening, I was feeling alot of pressure down below and my belly was tightening up a fair amount despite lying around and drinking tons of water.  I didn’t think much of it and went to bed.  When I woke up Saturday morning, I was experiencing more of the same.  So, I decided to spend the morning in bed to catch up on last weeks shows.  I was feeling a little better and Baby B was reassuring me by doing  karate kicks all morning.  Because I was feeling better, Mr. B and I went to a movie.  During the middle of the movie, I had to make a break for the bathroom, of course.  When I peed, there was a spot of blood on the toilet paper.  Needless to say, I freaked out a bit.  It was just a small spot and I couldn’t tell if it came from the front or the back, but at that point, I didn’t care.  I was starting to get scared.  I called my friend who still works at the hospital I will be delivering at and she told me I should go up there to get checked.  So, off to the hospital we went.  We went straight from ER registration to L&D.  The put me in the bed and strapped me to all the monitors.  The Baby B was fine, good heart rate and moving all around.  Then, the nurse stuck her entire arm up my crotch to see if I was dilated…which I was not.  My God, was that pain!!!  I thought I was gonna fly off the freaking bed.  OUCH!!!!!  They checked my urine which was all clear.  After monitoring my strip for a little while, it seemed as though  I was having some short contractions.  I didn’t feel any pain really.  It was just mild belly tightening on the right side.  The nurse called the OB on call and he decided on some intervention.  So, I won myself a dose of Brethine which stung like all get out.  It also made me feel like my heart was gonna pound out of my chest but the sensation only lasted for about 15 minutes.  After that, the strip was totally flat and my belly was no longer getting tight.  It did the trick.  Two hours later, we were home and getting ready for bed.  I haven’t had anymore blood, thank goodness, and the pressure and tightening went away too.  For the moment, all is well here.  My plan is to take it easy as much as possible for the next few weeks.  My goal is to get this baby to viability at the very least.  After that, full term.  Hopefully, my plan will work out.

Here is the 22 week Belly Shot.  ENJOY!

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  1. nicole permalink
    June 7, 2010 2:47 pm

    Glad all is well. I was sorely (literally) surprised to find out how they check for dialation. I was thinking they looked. WRONG!

  2. June 7, 2010 11:57 pm

    I am sorry you had to go through all that but glad to know that all is back to normal now and that both you and the baby are fine. I never knew that’s how they check for dilatation… I am scared now!!! I am sorry to hear it was so painful. Love the new belly picture!! You look GREAT!

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