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Every Three Weeks

May 31, 2010

I just got back from my appointment with Dr. OB.  It was rescheduled from last Thursday due to a death in his family.  Anyways, it was the typical check-up.  Baby B’s heart rate on the Doppler was 151 bpm.  My belly and weight are both measuring normally and my blood pressure is perfect.  I had tons of questions for him, as usual, and he answered all of them well.  The best part of the visit was him telling me I now get to have appointments every three weeks.  I know most people don’t like going to the doctor but I’m of the theory…the more the better during pregnancy.  On June 16th, Mr. B and I will head to the Pediatric Cardiologist’s office for an echocardiogram.  The Maternal Fetal Specialist offered it at our anatomy ultrasound and we accepted.  He said that babies conceived via IVF have increased risks for heart defects.  Even though Baby B’s heart looked great a couple of weeks ago, I’d rather err on the side of caution.  Only 16 more days til we can see her again!

In other news, I’m feeling Baby B’s movements alot more.  I’m so addicted to that feeling that I find myself laying down alot to feel her.  I eat yummy, sugary treats to really get her going.  Mr. B even felt her from the outside the other night.  I’m looking forward to when those movements get stronger.  Saturday night, I also had an experience with mucus.  There was a string of it in the toilet…the first of its kind I’ve seen.  Of course it freaked me out and led me to Dr. Google immediately.  Was it my mucus plug?  Or a piece of it?  From my research, it seemed like a) regular ole mucus or b) a part of the plug, but not in its entirety.  Dr. OB wasn’t concerned when I asked him about it.  He explained the mucus plug in great detail and that’s not what fell out of me.  Sweet relief. 

Not much else is happening these days and I am grateful for that.  I hope it continues.

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  1. June 1, 2010 4:29 am

    So happy all is on schedule and looking great! Going for appointments every 3 weeks sound like a bliss, I currently go every 4. I am glad you are able to feel your baby girl moving so much.. sugary things, I should try see how my baby girl reacts to that! We need a new belly picture, haven’t seen one in a while! 🙂

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