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Graduation Day! and Prayer

March 22, 2010

It was a pretty hum drum weekend for me and Mr. B.  I spent most of my time in bed or on the sofa hoping and praying for the bleeding/spotting to stop.  Sometimes, my prayers were answered with a clean wipe and sometimes not.  The good news is that it never escalated and we were able to find the heartbeat with the doppler each time we looked.  I am so grateful to have that little machine.  As long as I could heart that woosh, woosh, woosh, all was well with the world.  I also got to thinking as I spent alot of my weekend in the bathroom on the toilet.  Another correlation I discovered is toilet=praying.  Sounds wierd, I know, but it is certainly the truth.  I spent some time last night hanging over the toilet praying the vomiting would stop.  Gumbo and ice cream doesn’t look good or taste good coming up.  I spent the whole weekend praying that there would be no bleeding.  There’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing yellow on toilet paper instead of red or brown.  Yellow is my new favorite color!!!  Lastly, I spent alot of time praying that the poop would come.  Pleading for the poop to come quickly and smoothly.  I kinda got that prayer answered too.  And my plan is to continue my praying rituals until all three topics are completely answered!  Wish me luck!

In other news, I had my last appointment with Dr. RE this morning.  We got to see the bean moving all around.  He/she is getting so big.  With Mr. B by my side, we could see the lobes of the brain, the hands and feet, the belly and spine…even the nasal and jaw bones.  It was amazing.  His/her little heart was beating away at 156.  You can check out the picture posted below.  The ultrasound tech could no longer see the second sac but the area of fluid near my cervix was still there.  It is measuring smaller than last week which is good news but it sucks that it’s still there.  Apparently, I can anticipate more spotting in my future until it completely resolves.  I was happy that the area is smaller and it doesn’t have any blood flow to the area.  I just want it GONE!!!  I had my last chat with Dr. RE.  He’s so pleased with how things have progressed and is very optimistic that we will have a real, live baby at the end of nine months.  God, I hope he’s right!  He told me that the bean is measuring 12 weeks 2-3 days even though I’m only 11 weeks 4 days.  He doesn’t anticipate any trouble from the area of fluid except for it to pass or absorb.  He invited  Mr. B and I to come back to the clinic at 28 weeks for a 3D ultrasound which was so incredibly nice.  He also explained the FET process to me if/when we might be ready for a sibling.  FET would be unmedicated and sounds like a piece of cake compared to IVF.  We have 5 totsicles on ice ready for when the time comes.  For now, I’m focused on getting this little bean here safe and sound.  My first OB appointment is next Thursday.  It’s a pretty big stretch…10 days til my next appointment.  I don’t know how I’m gonna get used to infrequent OB appointments.  At least I have my Doppler : )

Profile of the bean. The head is on the right.

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  1. Erin permalink
    March 22, 2010 1:05 pm

    Amazing news! Good to hear that the litte one is measuring big, that means growing fast! I wish I could give you some advice that would help you to just enjoy this process more because I feel like I am reading my own journal when I read about all of your fears/prayers/worrying. I was a wreck for my pregnancy and I just wish I could have enjoyed it more because the end result is so amazing. You have to keep in mind 2 things; 1. Worrying and getting yourself worked up does nothing other than drive you crazy because this is out of your control, so try to have faith that it WILL be OK! 2. The vast majority of pregnancies have a perfect outcome and a little baby arrives healthy and unaware of all of the sleepless nights and fervent prayers that have been had on his/her behalf. So hope that unsolicited advice helps in some way because if I could do it again I would try to let go of all of my fears and just enjoy it more…although even as I write this I realize no one could have told me anything to change my ways, ha!

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