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Everybody’s Fine

March 15, 2010

Not much new to report from last week.  My bleeding turned to light brown spotting on and off.  It looked like it was gonna kick up again Friday night but, thankfully, it didn’t.  Mr. B and I had a low key weekend so I could take it easy.  It was our anniversary weekend so we just spent lots of quality time together and had a nice, celebratory dinner.  We hope to celebrate more appropriately in a few weeks when I’m feeling better.  We are very much looking forward to that…the weekend and feeling better.

We also started off the week with our appointment at the fertility clinic this morning.  We got to see the bean in all his/her glory squirming all around.  It was amazing.  The bean really looks like a baby now.  We could see his arms and legs and hands and feet.  We also saw his spine and heart which was beating at 153.  Everything looked great.  I only wish we could have had more time just watching him/her move but I guess the other patients needed a turn too.  Dr. RE said everything looked great and the bean is now 37mm up from 26mm last week.  Growing like a little weed.  That pesky second sac is still around along with that area of fluid.  I was told not to be surprised if the bleeding/spotting continued for the next couple of weeks.  The area of fluid is right near my cervix and could absorb or escape.  The good news is that my placenta is at the top of my uterus so the fluid has nothing to do with it.  Because of these lingering issues, Dr. RE will keep me through next Monday and then release me to Dr. OB.  I’m OK with this plan…at the moment.  I’m hoping for an uneventful week.

Mr. B and I have also been playing with the home doppler and we are able to catch the bean’s heartbeat from time to time.  I’m so glad I have it because it really helps to ease some of my anxiety.  We also have our NT screen on Thursday so we’ll get another look at the bean then.  Very happy about that and praying that all is well developmentally.  I’ll be sure to leave and update once we’re done.

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  1. March 15, 2010 1:54 pm

    So glad things are still going well, and that you got to see your bean again!

  2. March 16, 2010 3:02 am

    I am so happy to hear all is great with you and your baby. I know what you mean about wanting to spend more time looking at the baby.. we wait all week for this and then the 5 minutes we get fly by! At least we are the lucky ones who get to see our babies every week!!! I so want a doppler too… enjoy listening to your baby’s healthy and strong heart!!

  3. March 16, 2010 10:01 am

    so glad to hear everyone’s doing alright! i loved hearing the update on bean! glad you get to have another peek next week. 🙂

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