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New Year, New Signs

January 1, 2010

Mr. B and I enjoyed a low-key New Years Eve.  Last night, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant and daydreamed about where and how we hope to spend next New Years Eve.  Needless to say, our plans included a baby…or two.  After we were done stuffing our faces with tasty delights, we headed to the home of a close friend of mine.  She was just having a few friends over to hang out and shoot fireworks.  She also had lots of kids over too.  Surprisingly, it didn’t really bother Mr. B and I.  It was fun to watch them laugh and play.  I think it only fostered our earlier daydream about how we hope next year will be.  But, a funny thing happened at the party and it got me wondering…was this a sign?  Another sign?

My friend’s mother had a friend of hers at the party as well.  This lady is usually at all the parties and celebrations so I’ve gotten to know her to some extent.  Anyway, as soon as I walked in the door, she grabbed her iphone to show me her Christmas present.  I agreed to take a peak.  I couldn’t possibly imagine what had this woman so excited but I was about to find out.  Was it a new car?  A nice piece of jewelry?  On the screen…two babies…two newborn baby girls.  She remarked “These are my IVF grandbabies”.  Holy shit!  I thought I was gonna fall out!  She then told me the story of how her son and his wife just had 35 week twin baby girls through the help of their second IVF (The first one was a bust.  Sorry but I had to ask).  They are both 35 and were treated at the same clinic we are using.  I wanted to ask more details but I was afraid that I would blow my cover.  It’s just that I find it so peculiar that this story was shared with me.  If you remember, I had a dream a while back about twin baby girls in a petri dish.  Is this a second sign of things to come?  I wonder…

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