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What Dreams May Come

December 8, 2009

I’ve often heard stories of  women who are trying to conceive dreaming of babies…holding them, loving them, breastfeeding them, even.  I’ve never been one of them…until recently.  However, my dream was anything but what I mentioned before.  I actually had a dream about babies but mine weren’t in my arms.  They were in a freaking petri dish.  Can you tell that IVF has been on my mind or what!  I actually had a dream that I was in a restaurant with my best friend.  We were walking around and casually chatting about nothing in particular when we arrived at a counter with a petri dish.  There were seven little bubbles in this dish and inside the bubbles were babies.  One bubble was bigger than the rest.  It had two perfectly formed baby girls in it.  It was MY bubble with MY babies.  They were cuddled up to each other sleeping.  It was the weirdest but cutest thing I ever saw.  I bet Id’ be hard pressed to find a dream interpretation book with petri dish babies in it.  What does that mean?  Will I have twin girls?  Since it looks like conception will be quite non-traditional in our future, I guess it’s not so bizarre to have non-traditional dreams, right?

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