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A Few Good Sperm???

November 15, 2009

Early that Tuesday morning, Mr. B was off to the Urologist’s office…alone.  I debated on whether or not to accompany him but I didn’t see the point.  I was under the assumption that Mr. B would get to the office, provide a sample of his baby batter and the doctor would have a “look see” at his man parts.  Why would I be needed?  My research told me that most Semen Analysis (SA) results would take up to 5 days.  I was wrong.  As I anxiously waited by the phone to hear how it went, Mr. B was going through his own personal hell.  Healthy as a horse, he’s never been to the doctor and received bad news until that day.  That day, he needed me the most and I wasn’t there.  After being at the Urologist’s office for FOUR hours, Mr. B finally called me.  His voice said it all.  I knew it was bad.  Trying my best to be sensitive to how he was feeling, I gave him a few minutes to gather his thoughts before I started firing off questions.  After getting all the details, the writing was on the wall.  The SA results were in and they were BAD! BAD! BAD!  Total count 8 million, motility 40% and morphology 13%.  The SA also showed a large number of WBCs in the semen which was indicative of some type of infection, likely a UTI or infection of the prostate.  Br. B also has a varicocele.  After those details, the appointment play-by-play was fuzzy.  I think Mr. B zoned out after that.  But not before telling me that the Urologist said it would be virtually impossible for us to conceive naturally.  The prognosis sucked but at least we finally had an answer.  We knew what we were working with.  Next stop… Reproductive Endocrinologist!

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