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And So It Begins…

November 12, 2009

Two weeks ago, life as we knew it would change forever.  Yeah, I know.  Pretty dramatic, huh?  In this instance, my flair for the dramatic is justified.  Mr. B (my husband) and I have been trying like hell for the last five months to put a bean in my belly… find ourselves in the family way … get knocked up!  I was determined and nothing was gonna stop me.  I read lots of books about achieving pregnancy.  I monitored everything that I put into my mouth.  I cut back on the exercise.  I peed on countless Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs).  I took my temperature every morning without fail and plotted it on my chart.  I joined an online site where I spent countless hours learning about every supplement, vitamin or food group that would guarantee a pregnancy.  And I must admit that I tried a few of those suggestions but NOTHING WAS WORKING.  Every 28th day, Aunt Flo (AF) arrived to greet me.  The first month was disappointing, the second month got a little harder  and the downward spiral continued.  But when that red-headed bitch showed up on my 34th birthday, it was on!  I was taking no prisoners. 

Yes, I am fully aware that most healthy, “normal” couples take up to 1 year to get pregnant.  In my world, I’m surrounded by the Fertiles.  All of my friends, younger and older than me,  had the gift that I didn’t have…conception after the first month of trying.  And patience is a virtue that I have never had and now wasn’t the time to discover it.  I had to do something to get answers.  I took matters into my own hands and made an appointment for Mr. B and the Urologist.  I knew no doctor would take ME seriously at the 5 month mark so it was Mr. B’s turn by default.  That’s when my hunch was confirmed.  I finally had an answer.

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